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YELLOW symbolizes EARTH,

abundance, generosity,

expansion and contraction, 

and a willingness to share your

unique gifts with the world.


to breathe freely and without constraints

or have you been holding your breath

and grinding your teeth like so many of us these days?

Maybe NOW is the time for you to synchronize your movement and breath

and experience a renewed sense of freedom and ease,

lightening up and re-energizing your entire being.

can help you accomplish that and much more ...

As much as you can simply listen to our music and enjoy it by itself,​

you can also use our Guided Meditations and upcoming Physical Exercise Videos

to go deeper into exploring new dimensions of well-being

and serenity, which truly make up your innermost core.


by being still and listening ...

close your eyes and let yourself gently move to the music, be moved by it,

touch the earth, the ground beneath your feet. Breathe deeply

explore the spaces within you, discover your own, unique gifts

to share with the world.


YELLOW Guided Meditations

YELLOW Maitri Musik Journeys on YouTube

enjoy and check back for additional content coming soon!