In the beginning was Sound, the Energy of Creation

Around the world humans are beginning to explore new ways of relating to each other, our environment and ourselves. There is a new urgency to this quest especially in view of new emergencies arising daily.

Maitri Music is a new Healing Arts Practice based on the Five Colors of Tibetan Buddhism.

We are offering specially attuned music, guided imagery & meditations, as well as movement-based exercises to help you touch base with yourself and raise awareness and compassion to what is going on in and around you.

All practices are expressions of the same principles working together in synergy to reconnect you to your core,

providing you with the necessary tools to awaken the True Healer within.

In the here and now our Maitri Musik story begins with the release of “RED - Maitri Touch” music,

as well as guided meditations & visualizations to that theme. Please start listening as soon as possible,

once or twice during the day and especially before going to sleep. Any health benefits

should become apparent within the first week if not sooner.

In deep Gratitude with Blessings,

Wolfgang Blümel